ACL Holiday Test

By Laurence Zuang for ACL, April 29 2022
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Don’t risk having your holidays spoiled!

With the main holiday season just a few weeks away, get your vehicle checked by the ACL Diagnostic Center and enjoy complete peace of mind when you hit the road. Promotional rate for ACL members from 2nd to 31st May.

The holiday check

It’s never too early to get your vehicle checked over before you hit the road for your holiday. Even though the ACL is there to assist you if you run into trouble, it’s always better to prevent any car troubles occurring and spoiling your trip, which is why the ACL Diagnostic Centre is offering a ‘Holiday check’. This inspection covers all aspects of your car that might be at risk on a long journey, such as the battery, the suspensions, the condition of the tyres and fluid levels. The staff at the Diagnostic Centre will perform a fair and objective diagnosis of your vehicle’s condition.

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