ANNIVERSARY GARDEN PARTY - Daniel Eischen: British Chamber as relevant as ever at 30

By Duncan Roberts for DELANO, July 04 2022
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The garden of the residency of the British ambassador was the setting for a party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg.

There was no appearance by Jude Law, the surprise guest of the 25th anniversary celebrations, but the 150 or so guests that attended the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg’s 30th anniversary garden party on 30 June had plenty to talk about.

Labelled “Melodies and Memories”, the event was an opportunity for BCC chair Daniel Eischen to reflect on the past–hence the nostalgia for that afternoon with Jude Law, the result of what Eischen said was some expert “fishing” from the BCC team–but also look forward to the immediate and mid-term future of the chamber.

With a series of events still to come in the anniversary year, including what Eischen promised would be an “amazing” Leadership Forum–the chamber’s flagship business event is scheduled for 19 October.

Eischen recalled the early days of the chamber and said that it remains as relevant today as it was 30 years ago. “Because the BCC adapts to the world around it. We changed a lot over pandemic, and we continue to change. I think that’s really what makes us a strong network, a strong platform for our members. So, I’m absolutely confident that five years from now, we’ll be back here.”

But the chairman was also looking forward to the five years before that, and said he was eager to join members in “fishing for experiences, for knowledge, business opportunities, for great moments with great people, talking with people of great talent.”

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