Birmingham Global: The Commonwealth Games, city-diplomacy, open and collaborative partnerships

By Philip Piatkiewicz for West Midlands Europe Hub, June 09 2022
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Birmingham Global:  The Commonwealth Games, city-diplomacy, open and collaborative partnerships 

Wednesday 29 June, 10.30-14.30 CET 

UK residence, Rue Ducale 17, Brussels 

Birmingham Global: The Commonwealth Games, city-diplomacy, open and collaborative partnerships

About this event

As the first UK city to open an office in Brussels in 1986, Birmingham has been at the heart of Europe for a long time. EU-exit has not reduced our appetite for active engagement and collaboration to support productive relationships in Europe. The Birmingham Global event is a statement of Birmingham’s and the West Midlands’ intent, to support a long-term approach to working with key business, research and innovation partners, on a vision of the future that we all share.

In July 2022, Birmingham will host the XXII Commonwealth Games, the largest multi-sport event to be held in England in 10 years. Athletes from 72 nations and territories will compete in 19 different sports at the Games. Birmingham City will deliver a fantastic celebration of sport and culture in an unforgettable summer in 2022, that will also deliver the first carbon-neutral Commonwealth Games.

But while the focus will be on the Commonwealth Games action in our stadiums, outside of them, Birmingham and the West Midlands is the heart of the UK’s emerging technology sectors and a leading destination for trade and business investment. Rich in specialist talent and skills that digital and technology businesses need to thrive.

Creatively stimulated and internationally orientated, this digital and technology talent is enabling greater collaboration across Birmingham’s innovation ecosystem, but the city is also seeking city-to-city collaboration securing common ground and share knowledge around societal challenges, such as a green and just economic recovery, achieving net-zero and shared values such as openness, cohesion, equality, and diversity.

We welcome all to join an event to identify practical opportunities to work with Birmingham and the West midlands. Key highlights will include:

  • Showcasing our regional strengths in Financial Services, Advanced Manufacturing/Future Mobility, Low Carbon, Data Driven Health Care and Digital & Tech
  • An open Invitation to business to join our UK House programme in August 2022 and engaging in our Global Growth programme (GGP).
    • How we would like to continue R&I and knowledge exchange with European and global partners

A light lunch and drinks reception will follow the main sessions.


If you prefer to register directly by email please, contact  

The event is driven by the Birmingham Strategic Alliance; an integrated operation, drawing on expertise and experience from Birmingham City Council, The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, Aston University and Birmingham City University to project the city’s economic, research and diplomatic interests, globally.



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