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By Stefan Chorus for Streff, November 01 2020
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My LIONS club has always supported the Luxembourg Food Bank

( with regular food collections.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-restrictions almost all food collections in supermarkets have been cancelled this year.

At the same time, there has been an enormous increase in demand for support from the food bank from all over Luxembourg.

As a result, the ‘Banque Alimentaire’ now has to buy the food necessary to meet this demand.

To finance these purchases, however, more donations are needed than ever before.

Our LIONS club offers you the opportunity to donate to our food bank fund in a novel way.

In return for a donation of €25, the donor receives a “lucky box” containing 6 different bottles of wine from wine-growing areas around the world.

These are leftover samples from wine tastings, whose normal commercial value (possibly by far) exceeds the agreed donation of €25,00 per box.

The wine was given to us by the organizer of the tastings, ( for which we are very grateful.

The packaging is neutral, so nobody knows which wines are in a box.

The distribution is therefore absolutely random.

There can be no “cherry picking”!

As these are wine samples that were to be judged by a jury, it is highly likely that winegrowers will only send wines to a competition that they believe have a chance of winning an award.

Are you curious to discover the wines from our “lucky bag” for yourself or do you want to surprise friends or colleagues?

If so I would be very happy to receive an order from you.

Simply transfer €25 or a multiple thereof, depending on the number of cases you want to order, to the account of our LIONS Club:

LIONS Club DOYEN Luxembourg  IBAN LU37 1111 0256 7567 0000.

The payment confirmation from the bank, serves as a “collection slip” and must be brought as a receipt for collection.

Your order can be collected without an appointment on working days between 8.00am and 5pm at the STREFF warehouse in L-8399 Windhof, rue de l’Industrie, 9.

Alternatively, we are also happy to deliver the order to your home within the borders of Luxembourg.

For an order placed before 1st December 2020 and a surcharge of only €12.00, we will organise delivery before 6th December 2020.

Orders received after 01.12.2020 but before 16.12.2020 will be delivered by 20.12.2020.

For this option, please send an e-mail with a copy of the payment confirmation of €25 x number of boxes + €12 delivery costs and of course the delivery address.

Please write to

We will then contact you by e-mail to confirm the delivery date.

Unfortunately, we can only consider special delivery outside the specified dates if your order contains at least 12 boxes and the delivery address is within the city of Luxembourg or adjacent municipalities.

I hope you will seize this unique opportunity. Our stocks are limited!

I would like to thank you in advance for supporting our campaign for the benefit of “Banque Alimentaire Luxembourg”.




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