Getting To Know International Dual Career Network - Luxembourg Chapter

By Diana Trisca-Rusu for International Dual Career Network, July 08 2020
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The International Dual Career Network (IDCN) Luxembourg chapter was founded in May 2018 with the purpose to offer mobile employees` partners and spouses support in their local professional integration, together with the opportunity to network with Human Resources professionals, corporate representatives, and like-minded partners and increase awareness of professional opportunities.

IDCN Luxembourg proposes a variety of services such as information on the local labor market, help with your resume, professional integration, and networking events, and opportunities to contribute meaningfully by volunteering to run some of the association’s activities. IDCN Luxembourg supports its partners` access to local business players involving our corporate members.

As individual members are not eligible – membership is open for organizational members only – then, if you are an expat partner of an employee working for Amazon, ArcelorMittal, British Chamber of Commerce, European Investment Bank, European Stability Mechanism, Ferrero, PwC or Vodafone you can become a member of IDCN and also you can get involved as a volunteer in this support network.

Should you wish to find out more about how to become an IDCN corporate member, member, or volunteer, you can contact the association at

For more information, please visit us at

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