By Noelia Sanchez for Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, December 10 2020
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MobiliseSME is a European programme that aims to strengthen SMEs’ skills and capabilities through short-term cross-border secondments for managers, owners, and employees of European SMEs. These secondments provide a great opportunity for SMEs staff to further develop their competences and capabilities, establish international relationships with other European SMEs, and to gain first-hand experience and knowledge about another market.

The sending company will have the opportunity to send one of their employees, managers, or the (co)owner to collaborate for up to 6 months in another SME to further develop their competences and aptitudes. The employee participating in the secondment will also increase their knowledge of another European market and can take the first steps to further internationalise their business.

The host company will receive and collaborate with an experienced SME employee, increasing the skills and abilities in its team and enhancing its business opportunities by establishing contacts in other European markets. This is a great opportunity to learn about other markets together with an experienced employee and to acquire skills that the company currently is lacking by sharing knowledge with the other participant.

Companies that take part in this program will have the opportunity to achieve their own business goals:

  • Market research/ marketing strategies in other markets
  • Innovation and development of new products and/or services
  • Joint training in critical sectors for any of the participants
  • Research and collaboration to find potential customers in foreign markets

Who can participate?

1.Sending companies

Employers with more than 3 years of professional work experience that:

  • Have personnel working for at least one year for the registered SME
  • Willing to collaborate with another European SME and send one of their employees for a short-term cross-border secondment

2.Hosting companies

Owners/Co-owners who:

  • Have more than three years of professional activity
  • Are active and present in the company’s daily business activities
  • Willing to collaborate with another European SME and host another European SME employee for a short-term cross-border secondment

Would you like to participate?

If you are interested in strengthening your or your team’s skills and capabilities, do not hesitate to contact the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, your contact point for the MobiliseSME programme and who will be the responsible to guide you through the process and help you maximize the benefits of the programme for your SME.

Contact person : Noelia Sanchez


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