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20 Sep 2017, Luxembourg

Diversity in Business and Goverment: What to Do and How to Do It.

There is a recognition that blended, gender- and culturally-balanced teams do better than comparable homogeneous organizations. So let’s discuss what to do and how to make this happen. The Network and AMCHAM aim to facilitate discussions and debates on this crucial topic. We will provide a platform for discussion regarding the power in, and potential profits from a diverse and gender balanced workforce. The panel of known speakers will cover opportunities to further capitalize on the diversity we see in Luxembourg.

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5 Jul 2017, Luxembourg

A year later and one more year to go: update and reminder about the changes to the Luxembourg Company Law of 1915

Almost a year into the changes to the Luxembourg company law of 1915 what elements have impressed or surprised us? With just over a year until the grace period expires what do we need to change in our company statutes and which elements of the company law reform should we look out for? The much talked about reform of the 100 year old law will be given an update at this sponsored event.

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30 May 2017, Luxembourg

Robotic Process Automation (KPMG Digital Fund series)

Digital labour is a hot topic generating immense anticipation as it gains momentum and promises a new ecosystem of intelligence. The integration of basic automated business processes with artificial intelligence and cognitive processes that think and learn like humans heralds a paradigm shift in how work is performed both in the services and funds industries.

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13 May 2017, Luxembourg


Founded in November 2016 as a UK fundraising initiative, the month-long campaign focused on Syrian cuisine and encouraged everyone from top chefs to people at home to cook and raise money in aid of UNICEF’s Syria Relief fund. The hope was that the initiative would then be continued globally. You can read about it here:, and see all the chefs and restaurants that participated including Yotam Ottolenghi, Angela Harnett, Nuno Mendes, Jamie Oliver, and others. Join us for an inspiring dinner at The International School of Luxembourg on 13 May at 7:00pm.

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