BCC 31st Annual General Meeting

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Our Annual General Meeting on 08 June 2022 at Maples Group, took this year the form of a hybrid event and attracted a lot of interest from our members. We looked at a year rich in experiences and projects with thanks going out to all our group members, our sponsors and secretariat.

Following our Annual General Meeting on 08 June 2022, we would like to introduce the Council for 2022.

Daniel Eischen, Len Pedersen, Christopher Clarke, Claudia Neumeister, Andrew Notter, Sara Speed, Darren Robinson, Neil Cocker, Ruth Lau, Christopher Ernzen, Arjan Kirthi Singha, Jonathan Norman, Stephen Nye, Sarah Battey, Nasir Zubairi

Officers election 2022

Daniel Eischen (Chair), Arjan Kirthi Singha (Financial Secretary), Christopher Clarke (General Secretary), Andrew Notter (Vice-Chair), Sarah Battey (Vice-Chair) and Sara Speed (Vice-Chair).

Council members election 2022

Jonathan Norman, Stephen Nye and Ruth Lau

Colin Haggart decided not to stand for re-election, and we would like to thank him for his contribution to Council and the Chamber over the years. We are also delighted to welcome a new Council member, Ruth Lau.

The British Chamber wishes to thank all the sponsors for their generosity in sponsoring and hosting events in their premises.

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