BCC Workshop Explores Impact of Global Issues on Personal Well-Being

By BCC Secretariat for British Chamber of Commerce fro Luxembourg, July 01 2024
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The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) held a thought-provoking breakfast event on 18 June, kindly hosted by the Luxembourg School of Business (LSB). The aim was to explore whether it was a concern that world issues are currently stealing our collective attention – and what, if anything, we could do to get it back.

Titled “Our Stolen Attention,” the event was well attended by BCC members and guests from various industries and backgrounds who were keen to explore the topic.

Dr Keith Amoss had the audience experiencing how the mind can have a powerful effect on our bodies. Hearing and seeing things which are distasteful can have a profound affect on us. By using visualization exercises and stories he evoked sensations and physical reactions in those present. Global conflict, migration, politics, pandemics, AI and global warming were some of the topics highlighted as likely to be on our minds and keeping us distracted.

Inviting everyone to get up from their seats and move to a large open space, it was Virginia Anderson’s turn to give participants the opportunity to be imaginative and active in proposing solutions to the stress of the various issues highlighted. Based on systemic coaching, she led everyone through a so-called “Deep Democracy” exercise.

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