BSP introduces new Cultural Celebration Day

By Jessica Slevin for BSP, July 13 2023
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BSP has introduced a “Cultural Celebration Day”, which allows its members to take one contractual additional extraordinary day off per year to observe/celebrate a cultural event that holds personal significance for them.

A “cultural event” shall be interpreted broadly to cover any event/occasion with links to the relevant BSP Member’s ethnicity, religion, nationality, mother country, customs, or any art, sport or tradition that represents such person’s way of life. “At BSP, we believe that flexibility and openness in the workplace is important, and implementing a Cultural Celebration Day is part of our broader quest to genuinely embrace diversity and inclusion,” said Managing Partner Alain Steichen. “We hope that this new policy will encourage all of our members to share and learn from each other’s cultures so that we can gain a deeper understanding of our colleagues and the world around us.”

The initiative was launched in the context of an ongoing exercise at BSP to find, support and implement projects that can concretely value diversity and inclusion. More widely, in the last 4 years, BSP has been concentrating on setting objectives and developing proposals around its CSR policy which was introduced back in 2021 and which is based on three fundamental pillars: diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability and community responsibility.

Other initiatives introduced in the context of BSP’s CSR policy include the establishment of a Matching Gift Programme, where the firm provides matching funds to the charitable organisations which members of the BSP team personally support in order to encourage and support generosity and community involvement.

BSP is also a signatory of both the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg and the “Zero-Single-Use Plastic” Manifesto launched by IMS Luxembourg Inspiring More Sustainability with the goal to eliminate single-use plastics from the company by the end of 2020, an objective which was successfully achieved. For any further information, please contact

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