IMS event “From Emotion to Motion” at KlimaExpo 2022

By Annie McHugh for BCC Sustainability Group, October 10 2022
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The Sustainability Group from the British Chamber of Commerce were delighted to attend and support IMS event “From Emotion to Motion” at KlimaExpo 2022.

Emotions were trigged at the start of the event with a powerful immersive audio and video experience. Videos of a changing planet experience by Frédéric Lilien, accompanied on piano by Grégoire Baumberger.

Professor of Sustainability, Glenn Albrecht joined the event online from his farm in Perth, Australia to explain solastalgia and associated negative earth emotions experienced in response to the Anthropocene impact on climate change. The audience was uplifted as Professor Albrecht introduced the positive impact of symbicene principles and the potential to have positive earth emotions.

Next, Caroline HickmanLouise König and Joanna Krupp joined the panel to discuss emotions, research on youth and climate anxiety and the opportunities created by the IDG (inner development goals). Powerful discussions followed, including the relationship between governments and youth regarding climate anxiety and justice.

Later Professor Stephan Lewandowsky took the audience on a journey to explore pluralism and conspiracy theories in a post-truth world. Despite the world challenges in a post-truth world the audience was reminded of the positive motion such as the 97.1% of scientists’ consensus on the truth of climate change.

John Elkington invited by BCC Sustainability Group in collaboration with IMS, gave further reasons to be cheerful. The principles of Green Swans and regenerative capitalism were discussed along with marketquakes and predictions of 2030 disruptors. As the pressure mounts to ensure the world realigns to meet the 2030 agenda.

The positive motion continued at the event with the announcement by IMS as the Luxembourg custodian of B-Corp certification programme locally. In a rapidly changing world that triggers emotions in everyone, IMS succeeded with positive energy to empower the audience to go from emotion to motion.

Anne Marie McHugh

BCC Sustainability Group & Sustainability Coordinator, St George’s International School


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