Invitation Action Vin Surprise 2021 du LIONS Club Luxembourg Doyen

, November 01 2021
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Dear friends,

Last year we had a huge success with our “Surprise Wine” scheme!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the campaign, which raised more than 50,000€ for the social fund of our Lions Club Luxembourg Doyen!

Together with our very generous sponsor “Deutsche Wein Marketing”, who provides the surplus wines from the big tasting events in Berlin, we are ready for the 2021/2022 campaign!

The packaging is neutral, so nobody knows which wines are in a box. The distribution is therefore absolutely random. There can be no “cherry picking”!

As these are wine samples that were to be judged by a jury, it is highly likely that winegrowers will only send wines to a competition that they believe have a chance of winning an award.

Are you curious to discover the wines from our “lucky bag” for yourself or do you want to surprise friends or colleagues?

A box of 6 bottles of red or white wine will be made available in exchange for a donation of 25€ to the account of the Lions Club Luxembourg Doyen.

IBAN: LU37 1111 0256 7567 0000  BIC: CCPLLULL

For more boxes, simply multiply 25€ by the number of boxes you want!

The boxes can be collected from the “STREFF” warehouse at 9, rue de l’industrie, L-8399 Windhof between 8:00 and 17:00 on weekdays with proof of payment (debit advice) from your bank.

The staff will prepare the boxes for you and help you load them into your vehicle.

So, treat yourself, your family or your friends with wines from all over the world, while helping us to help others through our social fund.

Thank you in advance for your interest and support!

Season’s greetings.

Stefan Chorus

For the Lions Club Luxembourg Doyen

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