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By BCC Secretariat for British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg, March 18 2024
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Our questions to Jean-François Findling:

What motivated you to join the British Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg?

Joining the British Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg was driven by its pivotal role in bolstering an interconnected community, unparalleled in Luxembourg. Through its technical committees, initiatives and events, a diverse network is cultivated, offering a platform to exchange the latest business trends and innovative ideas, and address challenges pertinent to our legal and tax practices in today’s dynamic world. The BCC allows us to communicate with a wide variety of members who come from different sectors of activity, as well as with our peers. We could compare the BCC to a kind of think tank platform.

What is the hottest topic in your business right now?

The accelerated pace of digital disruption, driven by COVID-19 and AI, has compelled companies in every industry to reexamine their business models. The technological revolution poses significant challenges, such as the ramped-up activity of mergers and acquisitions, the future of work, cybersecurity, data protection, and intellectual property and copyright considerations etc…. Additionally, more existential questions related to climate and sustainability, heightened by the impacts of COVID-19, have become imperative considerations for our clients.

What is the best piece of business advice you have received?

Build a strong team: It is crucial to assemble a solid team with diverse viewpoints. It’s not just about assembling a group of individuals but cultivating a team with diverse viewpoints. The strength of a business is intricately tied to the strength of its team, highlighting the essence of fostering uniqueness within our collective efforts.


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