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By BCC Secretariat for British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg, March 09 2024
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From left to right: Harmonie Méraud (Counsel), Anne Morel (Partner), Evelyn Maher (Partner), and Nuala Doyle (Partner).


Our questions to BSP:

What motivated you to join the British Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg?

Being a member of the British Chamber of Commerce means being part of a business community of decision makers and international players in the market. It provides access to a wealth of resources, events and initiatives that can make the difference in the development of the British-Luxembourg business landscape, ultimately adding value to the broader community as a whole.

What is the hottest topic in your business right now?

We are in a historic moment of evolution: from AI to ESG, to new regulations and requirements for Investment Fund Managers, through to a number of new labour law-related topics. The legal framework is developing rapidly and we are thrilled to accompany our clients on this path.

What is the best piece of business advice you have received?

Listen to what your client needs, which also means to ask them what they are really looking for and what is important to them. This makes it a lot easier to identify the ultimate goal and achieve it.


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