Business Events, Speakers Lunches and Membership Development
There are eight BCC groups – five business sector groups, a Speakers’ Lunches Group, a Membership Development Group and a Social Events Group. The sector groups address key business issues in their sectors within their relevance to the BCC’s community. This is achieved through the organization of events to debate these issues and facilitate networking opportunities within the community, and engagement with the community prior to and following such events. These events usually take the form of evening forums, featuring expert speakers and a panel, or lunches featuring a single speaker. The groups also, either through these events, or via connections to industry associations and government, seek to raise awareness and, where appropriate, influence Luxembourg legislators as to the issues of concern to the BCC membership. There are around five such events each year. In addition there are lunch events on a wide range of subjects organised by the Speakers’ Lunches Group.  Further information on and members of these groups are given below. We welcome suggestions on subjects, content and speakers. Please contact a group member or use the Contact Form.


1. Business & Innovation Group

The Business & Innovation Group represents the entrepreneurial think tank of the BCC. It's aims are to help businesses navigate through technolpgical and organisational change in order to identify opportunities that will give them sustainable perspectives of growth and diversification. The group concentrates on questions like "How is the role of innovation changing in a globalized and digital economy?", "How can you idntify opportunities and make them work for your business?", "How do our organizations change, where are the jobs and what is the influence on management?".

The group is populated by an inspiring mix of creatives, entrpreneurs, travellers and explorers. Ready to discover "the new normal" in business.

Andy Adams (Chair)

Nico Binsfeld
House of Training
Daniel Eischen
Tel: +352 48 49 73 50
Lara Foster

Steve Glangé

Damien Pochon


      2. Financial Services Group
The Financial Services Group deals with matters which are of interest to the Luxembourg financial services community and focuses on the asset management, insurance and banking sectors. It is currently facilitating a series of workshops aimed at the development of position papers trying to anticipate the state of the Luxembourg financial services industry in 2020.  Focusing firstly on asset management, the Group is running a series of inter-related workshops which will culminate in a thought leadership paper which will be presented to a plenary session of the BCC before being circulated to the Luxembourg business community and related industry bodies.
Christopher Brealey
Fidelity Worldwide Investment
Tel: +352 250 404 1
Robert Deed
Colin Haggart
SS&C Technologies
Tel: +352 26 75 7201
Christina Leomy-Voight
Tel: +352 26 94 01
Alessia Lorenti
Edmond de Rothschild
Tel: +352 24 88 82 22
Brian McMahon
BNY Mellon
Stephen Nye
KPMG Luxembourg
Tel: +352 22 51 51 6315
Keith O'Donnell
Atoz Luxembourg
Tel: +352 26 94 01
Dennis Robertson
Independent Director
Tel: +352 31 08 06
Dee Ruddy
KPMG Luxembourg
Tel: +352 22 51 51
Sara Speed (Chair)
Alter Domus
Tel: +352 48 18  28 1
Antonio Thomas
ManagementPlus Luxembourg
Tel: +352 27 11 13 00
3. HR - People and Leadership Group
The HR and Training Group was created to focus on people issues.  The Group is there to provide its members with information and events throughout the calendar year and very often interacting with other Groups.  To be involved, you do not have to be an HR person; you just need to be interested in "people".  Events organised by the group have included the HR challenges to ensure Luxembourg continues to be an attractive place for business and employees, and an open forum in the form of a "world café", the findings from which will be fed into other events. As we have recommendations to hold HR Forum breakfasts and various workshops, we would welcome comments and additional members to our group.
Keith Amoss
Career Coach
Susanne Arend
Tel: +49 17695622656
Brian Ballantyne
Amazon EU
Tel: +352 691 126 597
Sarah Battey (Chair)
Business Coach & Trainer
Tel: +352 661 740 730
Claudia Neumeister
HR & Talent Acquisition Consultant
Tel: +352 621 306 459
Andrew Notter
Badenoch & Clark
Tel: +352 26 19 28 10 02
Jill Saville
JS Associates
Tel: +352 661 131 184
Donald Venkatapen
Wagener & Associés
Tel: +352 45 31 13


4. Legal Group
The Legal Group is populated by lawyers and dedicated to providing benefits to the Chamber's members from a legal perspective. Its objectives are to address hot topics with a legal focus;  to hold events to inform Chamber members in relation to current and important legal issues; to lobby the Luxenbourg and UK governments on issues of relevance to the Chamber's members; and to provide a network for the sharing of experiences, ideas and fun amongst the Luxembourg legal fraternity and the wider community. Recent events organised by the group have included "The Internet of Things" and "Pre-Hire Vetting".
Philip Aspden

Maxime Budzin
Clifford Chance

Michel Bulach
Wildgen S.A.

Jérôme Burel
Kleyr Grasso

Christopher Clarke
Maples and Calder (Luxembourg) SARL

Darina Cochrane (Chair)
PwC Legal

Nuala Doyle

Christophe Ernzen
Allen & Overy S.C.S.
Stéphanie Juan
MOLITOR Avocats à la Cour

Nicki Kayser

Jeffrey Kolbet
Elvinger Hoss Prussen

Yoann Le Bihan


5. Membership Development Group
The Membership Development Group is responsible for identifying and attracting new members, retaining existing members and proposing initiatives related to member benefits. If you are a current member or considering membership and have any questions, please contact the Secretariat or Chairman of the Membership Development Group.
Robert Deed (Chair)
Tel: +352 621 172 730
Thomas Flammant
British Embassy Luxembourg
Tel: +352 22 98 64
Sharon March
March senior Consult
Tel: +352 691 723 360

David Micallef
Entrepreneur & Business Angel

Richard Neale
Redbridge Recruitment

Jason Rea
Dennis Robertson
Independent Director
Tel: +352 31 08 06

Manfred Zisselsberger
Independent Director

6. Social Events Group
The Social Events Group organises a variety of activities at different times of the day. The spectrum extends from unique dinners to fashionable breakfasts. A wide range of fun events is organised with the goal to include as many people as possible, regardless of their age or background. Depending on the nature of the events, they can take place at different times of the day, ensuring that those who can possibly not join the lunches, have alternative options.
Colin Haggart (Chair)
SS&C Technologies
Tel: +352 26 75 7201
Arjan Kirthi Singha
Anglo American
Tel: +352 40 41 10 1
Carole Miltgen
Tel: +352 43 48 89 1
Claude Neu
Dariusz von Ossowski

Sandro Pace Bonello
Anglo American
Tel: +352 40 41 10 1

7. Speakers Lunches Group
The Speakers' Lunch group organizes on a regular basis, usually once a month, a speaker's lunch. A broad range of speakers have appeared at the Lunch Club giving presentations on a variety of subjects ranging from banking secrecy, pensions, the Luxembourg health system and working as a musician in Luxembourg to question and answer sessions with government ministers. The selection of the speakers is made by the lunch group based on criteria of newsworthiness and interest of the topic and stature of the speaker.
Patrick Birden (Chair)
Birden & Gilson
Tel: +352 46 35 63
Arjan Kirthi Singha
Anglo American
Tel: +352 40 41 10 1
John Purvis
Tel: +352 71 07 25 1
Patrick Santer
Elvinger Hoss Prussen
Tel: +352 44 66 44 0


8. Tax Group
The Tax Group aims to keep the English speaking community up to date with changes in the Luxembourg taxation for both individuals and companies.  We hope to expand the group to develop it into an English speaking tax forum. Events organised by the group have included Luxembourg tax: challenges for the future, with His Excellency Mr Alphonse Berns, Director of Fiscal Policy at the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance; comparing a Luxembourg tax payer with the rest of Europe; and tax information exchange and the EU savings directive.
Karine Bellony
VAT Solutions
Tel: +352 26 94 59 44
Julien Bieber
KPMG Luxembourg
Tel: +352 22 51 51 55 99
Laetitia Borucki
AKD Luxembourg
Tel: +352 26 75 82 317
Aude-Marie Breden
Mazars Luxembourg
Tel: +352 27 11 41
Guido De Wit
Tel: +32 2 501 94 17
Laura Foulds
Analie Tax & Consulting
Tel: +352 621 511 782
Andrew Knight
M Partners
Tel: +352 26 38 68 608
Michel Lambion
Deloitte Tax & Consulting
Tel: +352 45145 3993
Fernando Longares
Tel: +352 42 142 7312
Jonathan Norman (Chair)
JAB Holding Company S.à.r.l.
Tel: +352 28 26 012
James O'Neal
Tel: +352 26 27 22 40
Cedric Schirrer
Schirrer Walster
Tel: +352 26 37 99 66
Georges Simon
Tel: +352 28 133 221
Romain Tiffon
Atoz Luxembourg
Tel: +352 26 940 300